Discuss your experiences, get helpful advice.. Learn to manage living with anal fissures home   portal   faq   register   search   log in   my anal fissure healed quickly and i'm pain free!!! buy cheap viagra Anal fissure support forum  :: general anal fissure forum :: general anal fissure discussion page 1 of 1 • share •      my anal fissure healed quickly and i'm pain free!!! buy viagra online  by thecombsklan06 on april 15th 2012, 3:04 am i only posted on here once before, but i was so scared and had never in my life suffered from anything like this. I spent hours reading this board and got a lot of useful info from a lot of the members here. Just to fill you in, i had never had a problem with constipation and had always taken for granted being regular. viagra women dose dot Even after 4 kids and the toll that can take on your digestive tract, i'd always been really fortunate in that area. viagra uk paypal Two months ago, for some reason i had the worst episode of constipation and actually had to manually dis-impact myself. This lead to what i now know was my af, and the most horrendous pain i've ever had. I put myself on a high fiber diet and doubled my water intake. viagra coupon I began taking stool softeners every morning as well as watching what i ate, being fully aware that what went in one end, could very well cause me torture on the other. I did sitz baths 4-5 times a day and that had to have been my saving grace. I spent a fortune in those early days buying all the creams and lotions and pads for pain, but honestly, those sitz baths helped me the most and after a horribly painful bm, i could find immediate relief with that. I'm all healed now. viagra dosage versus viagra dosage I've been able to go back to eating most of the things i like, the only thing that hasn't returned to normal is my regularity. Whatever caused me to become constipated has continued and i have to keep up with my fiber and stool softeners or i start to have hard/dry stools. I no longer have any pain with my bm's. other pills work like viagra I thought i'd just come on here and give a success story and hope that this will be the end of my experience with af. Thank you all for the info on the boards. Tami thecombsklan06 newbie number of posts: 4 registration date: 2012-02-07   re: my anal fissure healed quickly and i'm pain free!!! http://milkpaint.com/ibe-buy-cheap-viagra-canada-bz/  by just-someone on april 15th 2012, 12:13 pm hi, congratulations, and good for you! Though i'll have to say that you've probably been very lucky too. I could never take 4-5 sitz baths a day. cheap viagra I can barely take even one. My timings for work are crazy, and on weekends, i'm usually busy with personal stuff and friends coz i dont get time during the week. I've been suffering from an af for almost 3 months, and it's been extremely depressing for me. buy viagra cheap Without any exaggeration, i've become seriously miserable because of this, and can't take my mind off it for a long period of time. I've literally.